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Data Governance Board

Why we need a Data Governance Board

The Board will promote and report on PSB compliance with the standards and guidelines.

A Data Sharing Committee will be established by the Data Governance Board. This committee will review each DSA for compliance to data protection legislation and report to the Data Governance Board.  This committee is key to implementation of the DSGA, and will streamline the execution process for data sharing, including the review of Data Sharing Agreements. The committee will manage the portfolio of DSAs and maintain a copy of the DSAs on a public website.

People on the Data Governance Board

A total of 12 members will be appointed by the Minister for PER. Membership of the Board will encompass a broad range of experience and expertise in many different aspects of data, including the following:

  • technical architecture
  • data protection and ethics
  • legal
  • research and analytics
  • NDI/Base Registries/Classifications
  • citizen advocacy