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Data Policy Team

Work the team is doing

The Public Service Data Strategy 2019 - 2023 contains a number of data actions that will provide a transformative effect for the Public Service, and benefits to both citizens and businesses. Several of these call for the further and ongoing development of policy on how data is managed within the Public Service.

To satisfy this requirement, the Data Policy section is responsible for the following:

  • design and implementation of standards and guidelines for data management
  • identification, designation and operation of Base Registries
  • EU representation and engagements
  • policy support

The Data Governance Support Team provides support for the operational functions of the Data Sharing Agreement review process, including public consultation and management of the Data Sharing Agreement Register.

What it means for you

The Data Policy Team continue to build a portfolio of guidance for data in the Public Service. These can be found under the Publications menu of the OGCIO website. If you have a requirement or a questions concerning the Data Sharing and Governance Act you should use the published documents listed above. You can also contact the Data Policy Team at

Where to get more information

You can contact the Data Policy Team at


The Data Governance Unit have issued a suite of publications which have been designed to assist organisations across the Public Service as they adhere to the legal obligations of the Act. All publications have focused on the use of plain English and are available at

  • Guidance Note – Guidance on the Data Sharing Governance Framework under the DSGA
  • DSGA Data Sharing Playbook
  • DRAFT DSGA Data Sharing Agreement Template
  • DGSA Template – Playbook Stage 4 – Public Consultation (website)
  • DSGA Template - Playbook Stage 2 -Board Notification
  • DSGA Accession Agreement Template v2.0
  • DSGA Data Sharing Guidelines
  • Advice Note: Preparation for the Commencement of Sections 6(2) (3) of the Data Sharing and Governance Act 2019
  • Review of data sharing agreements template