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Connecting Government 2030: A Digital and ICT Strategy for Ireland’s Public Service

Connecting Government 2030: A Digital and ICT Strategy for Ireland’s Public Service sets out an approach to deliver digital government for all, benefitting both society and the broader economy.

Connecting Government 2030 addresses the Digitalisation of Public Services dimension of the national digital strategy, Harnessing Digital – The Digital Ireland Framework. It also aligns with the targets set out in Civil Service Renewal 2030.

The strategy will carry forward the GovTech 2019 Priority Action Plan and incorporates specific actions from the Programme for Government as well as addressing digital targets set by the EU.

The ambitions of Connecting Government 2030, will be delivered across six priority action areas:

  • A Human-Driven Digital Experience – Understanding our users and their needs is key to delivering better services;
  • Harnessing Data Effectively – Improve public services by implementing structures to deliver more and better re-use of data, respecting privacy and data protection;
  • Government as a Platform – Drive service simplification through an ecosystem of standards, resources and tools including application of the “once-only” principle;
  • Evolving Through Innovation – Challenge ourselves to look afresh at solving difficult problems to build innovative solutions putting our users at the centre;
  • Strengthening Digital Skills – Strengthening and developing new capabilities and skills, which are able to sustain a digital public service culture;
  • Focusing on Governance and Leadership – Put in place governance structures to drive digital transformation across government.

Underpinning these priority action areas are a set of core design principles:

  • Digital by Default and Cloud-First – Building towards the targets for 2030 that 90% of applicable services are consumed online and being more proactive and progressive in embracing cloud;
  • All-of-Government Approach – Ensuring an integrated and richer experience for individuals and businesses and that digital considerations are embedded in policy processes;
  • New Ways of Working – Enabling working environments that empower our people to give of their best, promoting the sharing of ideas, designs and innovations;
  • Privacy-Driven and Secure by Design – Design and build systems that are aligned with best practice in security and cyber defence.

Connecting Government 2030 specifically replaces the previous Public Service ICT strategy and eGovernment 2017 – 2020 strategy. It will act as an umbrella strategy for actions across a number of other related government policies and strategies to ensure an overall coordinated and integrated approach to their delivery.

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