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Data Maturity Assessment

A data maturity assessment is a method available to public bodies to assist them in improving data, data management and its governance. It is used to:

  • assess the current state of data in an organisation, and
  • define the desired or target state for data in an organisation

By undertaking a data maturity assessment, a PSB can generate a better understanding of data across the organisation, ensure best practice and optimise the use of data. It can provide a foundation for the development of strategies, roadmaps, plans, and actions to reach a target state for data.

This advice note aims to defines a standard data maturity framework for use across the public service, and recommends that PSBS with significant volume of data undertake such an assessment. The advice note is accompanied by a step-by-step guide and some sample questions to assist PSBs in carrying out a data maturity assessment.

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Data Management Maturity Assessment Advice Note

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PSB Self-assessment Data Maturity Questions

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Self-Assessment Step by Step Guide